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    UPVC Pipe & Fittings
We provide a wide range of UPVC pipes and fittings, UPVC pipe fittings. These pipings are specially designed for reliable pipeline installation across different industries. UPVC pipes can be extruded to close dimensional tolerances, are light without being weak, rigid without being brittle and cheaper per unit volume, when compared with any other pipe material.
Specific Gravity : 1.41 ~ 1.46g/cm3
Ultimate tensile strength : 50MPa
Compressive strength : 63MPa
Shear strength : 39MPa
Hardness(Rockwell) : 80 ± 3(ASTM D2240)
Elongation at break : 50-80%
Max. continous service temp. : 500c
Coeff. of thermal expansion : 5.4X10-5(mm/0C)
Vicat. softenning temperature : Min 1100c
Thermal resistance :
self extinguishing UPVC does not support
combustion when the source of ignition is removed.
Dielectric constant : 3.70@60Hz,-300F
Power factor : 1013-1014Ohm
Surface resistivity : 2000 Volts/mm
Dielectric strength V/mil : 1413@ 60 Hz


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